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What Aquatica Vessel Sinks Are Made Of?

  • What is Aquatica solid surface vessel sinks best for?
  • Can you place Aquatica solid surface vessel sink on any bathroom vanity? 
  • Are vessel sinks still popular?
  • How should I select the right vessel size? What about the tap?
  • Do Aquatica vessel sinks have overflow?
  • How tall should a vessel sink faucet be?

What Are Aquatica Vessel Sinks Made Of?

Made of our proprietary AquateX™ and NeroX™ solid surface composites, Aquatica vessel sinks look and feel like real stone, and offer an ideal solution for decorative bathrooms, such as powder rooms, guest bathrooms, fancy restaurants and boutique hotel restrooms.

All Aquatica® vessel sinks are simple to clean, and since AquateX® is a nonporous, monolith material, with proper cleaning, it will not harbor the growth of mold or bacteria.

Our black vessel sinks are made with our proprietary composite material NeroX™, which features a durable nanotechnology coating surface with hydrophobic properties meaning that it is water and dirt repellant for low maintenance.

Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we do not outsource our manufacturing to third party factories – all our solid surface vessel sinks, wall-mounted lavatories, bath furniture, and bathtubs are made in-house, at our European factory.

Browse through the wide variety of shapes, styles, colors, and sizes of Aquatica’s solid surface washbasin and vessel sink collection. You will discover new vessel sink designs made of solid surface with their various finishes and colors, which provide for infinite design opportunities and luxurious feel to every bathroom environment.

All our vessel sinks feature monolith, seamless design, and manufacturing similar to natural stone products but at a fraction of their weight and price.

What Is Aquatica Solid Surface Vessel Sinks Best For?

With their stunning natural stone-like look and feel, Aquatica solid surface vessel sinks are an excellent choice for decorative bathrooms, such as powder rooms or guest bathrooms, restaurant and office bathrooms.

Can You Place Aquatica Solid Surface Vessel Sink On Any Bathroom Vanity? 

Yes, our vessel sinks are compatible with practically any vanity, however, please consider the height of cabinet and thickness of your existing countertop as placing a vessel sink will add anywhere 4– 8 inches to the overall vanity height. 

For very tall vessel sinks like our Solace B or Karolina 2 sinks, consider using a wall-mounted faucet. 

Are Vessel Sinks Still Popular?

Vessel sinks used to be rare and exclusive designer picks until the late 2000s. These attention-grabbing washbasins remain highly popular until this day.

Vessel sinks are stylish and remain as trendy as before, especially in AquateX™ and NeroX™ solid surface with its limitless design opportunities and hygienic, low maintenance surface.

How Should I Select The Right Vessel Size? What About The Tap?

Here is the criteria in a nutshell - most countertops are between 30 and 36 inches tall, and most vessel sinks are 4 to 8 inches tall. Depending on the vessel sink height, you might match it with either a countertop or wall-mount faucet. Usually, the taller is the vessel sink, the more seriously you should consider a wall-mounted tap. 

Do Aquatica Vessel Sinks Have An Overflow?

Aquatica vessel sinks don't have an overflow channel. For this reason, it is best to use free-flow drain fittings with our vessel sinks. In many states and provinces across the US and Canada, free flow drain is a mandatory requirement for any sink not equipped with an overflow channel.

How Tall Should A Vessel Sink Faucet Be?

Most of our solid surface vessel sinks are 4-8 inches tall. Faucets should be mounted in a way that the spout is sufficiently high for placing users’ hands between the bottom of the spout and the sink bottom. A rule of thumb is that a distance of at least six inches is required from the spout and the bottom of the vessel sink. Regardless of the type of faucet, this should provide for a decent distance to place your hands comfortably.

For wall-mount faucets, there is another rule of thumb and which requires a spout to be positioned at a minimum of 3 inches above the sink rim.

Shop 100+ styles of our bathroom vessel sinks from modern rectangular vessel sinks to round and oval.

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