Jetted Bathtubs

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Jetted Bathtubs

Jetted Bathtubs

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Luxury Jetted Bathtubs

Smart, connected and beautifully designed to relax and entertain, Aquatica hydromassage and jetted (aka whirlpool) bathtubs have carved their unique segment, well above its unimaginative competition.

In our advanced hydromassage bathtubs (HydroRelax™ and HydroRelax™ Pro series), you will find features unseen from other players:

  • Beautiful capacitive glass keypads;
  • Modern, smartphone-like, wireless keypads;
  • Hot tub like temperature control with temperature +/- feature and support for Fahrenheit in select models;
  • Integrated audio with subwoofer;
  • Dual pump whirlpool systems for larger models;
  • Electronic turbo massage for select Fusion and Dream series;
  • Compensation (surge) tanks in Fusion series (will replenish water automatically when one or more bathers leave);
  • Electronic drain and fill capability.

Our company has a selection of a variety of air-jetted bathtub models, which have been created for small, large or even for the small corners of difficult bathroom projects. We have also created one of the very first freestanding stone air-massage bathtubs on the market, which features different air-massage pressure modes and chromotherapy LED lights.

Exclusive, State Of The Art Capacitive Glass Keypads for Luxury Jetted Bathtubs

Modern capacitive glass keypad controls all the whirlpool bathtub functions like the pumps, water heating, Bluetooth audio system, stereo speakers and built-in subwoofers.

Air Jetted Tubs

Our air massage tubs have been designed to gently push out thousands of warm, healthy, air bubbles, combined with mood setting, bright LED Chromotherapy Lights. Our superior product engineering ensures that our air massage bathtubs are built to last a lifetime.

All of our company’s carefully designed air-jetted bathtubs have comfortable water depth and have been fitted with over 16 low-profile air jets and up to 40 low profile LED Lights.

Powerful Dual Pump Whirlpool Systems For Large Jetted Bathtubs

For larger size jetted bathtubs Aquatica offers the second powerful whirlpool pump. Our proprietary DHP™ (Dual Hydromassage Power) jetted bath system consists of two independently mounted hydromassage systems, each with its own discrete whirlpool functionality and controls. One pump provides general perimeter hydromassage while the second pump powers the discrete back and foot-massage systems.

Total Control Over Your Luxury Jetted Bathtubs’ Water Temperature

Borrowing advanced control features from outdoor hot tubs, Aquatica HydroRelax™ Pro series bathtubs provide you with total control over the water temperature – from the water fill temperature using our electronic faucets with a thermostatic valve to sophisticated Gorilla glass bath controls that give you full control over the water heater.

Ultra-Quiet Independent Tranquility Water Heating Circuit For Jetted Bathtubs

Have you thought of just relaxing and soaking in a hot bath without hearing the constant noise of the whirlpool system and without being constantly disrupted because you need to add more hot water? Aquatica HydroRelax™ Pro series 220V and the newest 110V bathtubs feature an independent heating and recirculation system equipped with a high-efficiency ultra-quiet circulation pump. In fact, the system is so quiet that you cannot hear it working, hence its name “Tranquility”. Only the flow of pleasantly warm water will indicate that the system is working as designed.

Aquatica Low Profile Slickline™ Whirlpool Jets

Among the many aesthetically attractive features of our HydroRelax™ series whirlpool bathtubs is the modern, sleek looking and truly low profile SlickLine™ jets that are flush with the bath walls. SlickLine™ jets deliver powerful hydromassage effect while featuring non-protruding, smooth to the touch and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The SlickLine™ jet minimalistic front plates are made exclusively from chrome plated solid brass with perfect surface finishing, ensuring durability and long life.

Minimalistic & Truly Invisible Whirlpool System

Tired of seeing ugly jets sticking out of bath surface? Don’t want to see any jets at all? Our Fusion and Dream series whirlpool bathtubs feature stainless steel microjets that are installed along the inner perimeter of a thin inside cavity – a truly distinctive and very innovative design feature.

Ozone Disinfection System

Our HydroRelax™ series jetted bathtubs are equipped with an innovative ozone water disinfection system for a healthier and more enjoyable bathing experience.

Integrated Bluetooth Audio Station

Designed to deliver clean, crisp rich sound in the high-fidelity rendition expected by music lovers, Aquatica Audio Station features Class D amplifier technology to enhance your bathroom audio experience. Our jetted bath audio station features high-quality audio transducers and a built-in subwoofer with integrated digital filter and adjustable volume.

220V vs 110V Jetted Bathtubs

Sophisticated whirlpool bathtubs require a considerable amount of power, which is simply unavailable with 110V systems due to the limited wire size and considerable AMP draw that would be required.

One of the nicest things about the simple 110v Tranquility and HydroRelax™ jetted tubs is the “plug and play” installation simplicity that comes with these units. Once positioned in your bathroom, all you have to do to enjoy it is fill it up and plug it in. You don’t need to hire an electrician and hard wire anything. Because it only draws 16A, it can be plugged into a regular outdoor outlet.

Benefits of 110v jetted tubs:

  • Simple, fast set up. All you have to do is plug it in your outlet.

Benefits of 220V jetted tubs:

  • Significantly shorter time to heat the water;
  • Effective, hot tub like temperature control;
  • Ability to operate concurrent powerful pumps (our DHP™ (Dual Hydromassage Power)).

Whirlpool bathtub Buying Considerations

Aquatica jetted tubs are the Rolls Royce of whirlpool bathtubs. Individually assembled by hand at our own factory in Europe, our jetted tubs are sleek looking and feature every possible bell and whistle while delivering powerful DHP™ (Dual Hydromassage Power) therapeutic hydromassage effect. 

The complexity of our bathtubs whirlpool systems is comparable to a small car and hence the price points are premium. We deliver high-quality European products and cater to the most discerning buyers while retaining competitive and fair pricing for what we offer. 

In general, the buying considerations of hydromassage bathtubs should include at least the following elements:

  • Installation type – freestanding vs built-in.
  • Dimensions of the bathtub and the weight-bearing capacity of your house floor if you have an older house. Consider the floor space you have and the number of people you want to share your bathing experience with.
  • Therapy system type – air-jetted bathtubs vs hydromassage (whirlpool) bathtubs with water jets.
  • Availability of a heating system – all Aquatica whirlpool bathtubs come with a heater by default.
  • Water temperature control – a unique feature for Aquatica.
  • Additional features like music system, dual pump system for larger tubs, electronic water filling and draining systems.

Our company has a selection of different air-jetted bathtubs, which have been created for small, large or even for the small corners of difficult bathroom projects. We have also created one of the very first Freestanding Stone Air-Massage Bathtub’s on the market, which features different air-massage pressure modes and Chromotherapy LED lights.

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