Bathroom Furniture

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Aquatica Bathroom Furniture

  • Introduction To Aquatica Bathroom Furniture
  • Wall-Mounted Bathroom Vanities
  • Freestanding Bathroom Vanities
  • Buying Superbly Crafted Aquatica Bathroom Vanities

Aquatica has curated a line of bathroom furniture designed to represent the high levels of both form and function across several immensely appealing styles.

Entirely made at our European factory (we don’t outsource to Asia or any other 3rd party manufacturer) and featuring natural wood veneers in several stunning grains and patterns paired with our solid surface washbasins that run the gamut from pleasingly traditional to delightfully unique, Aquatica vanities and their matching mirrors and cabinets add striking style to a bathroom design. 

We have a minimal but very intriguing and pristine selection of bathroom furniture to suit any of your style and bathroom décor needs. Choose from a complete bathroom set that includes everything that you could potentially need for a contemporary bathroom. Or have a look at our super unique and retro Sola washbasin set executed entirely in our seamlessly hygienic award-winning AquateX™ solid surface composite material.

We only produce and manufacture products that we feel passionate about, we will be growing our bathroom furniture collection in 2020. Watch this space – major changes are coming…

Wall-mounted Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom vanity is an often-underutilized element in bathroom design. Still, it has the potential to be anything from an eye-catching entrée to the style, to a showstopper around which the entire room is based.

Aquatica offers a line of wall-mounted vanities that fulfill these roles but also feature the chic and modern style that makes these beautiful furniture elements appear to float above the ground.

Each wall-mounted vanity combines the effortless grace of this floating style with exquisitely colored and patterned wood veneer, elegant sinks and, within, soft-close hinges and/or drawer rails for the function that is every bit as pleasing as its form.

Many of the wall-mounted vanities that Aquatica offers come with a matching mirror, and several offer a matching optional side cabinet, adding both storage and style to the overall effect.

Freestanding Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom vanity, though often a less-considered element within a bathroom design scheme, can easily become a stylish focal point from which the rest of the room takes its cue.

Aquatica offers a line of freestanding vanities that range in an appeal from understated sophistication to dramatic and delightfully arresting. Offering variations on the traditional freestanding vanity, each piece within the collection offers the hardware-hiding and greater storage benefits of this style, without sacrificing either modernity or fashion. 

Each freestanding vanity within the Aquatica collection pairs various gorgeous shades of wood veneer with sinks that range from the simple and classic to the wholly unique. Within the vanities, soft-close hinges and/or drawer rails add elements of refinement to even a simple moment of closing a door.

Many of these freestanding vanities come with a matching mirror, and several also offer optional matching side cabinets. Taken together or separately, these pieces create a haven of both peace and panache within nearly any sized bathroom. 

Buying Superbly Crafted Aquatica Bathroom Vanities

Aquatica vanity style is irresistible, irrepressible, and completely individual. Bathroom design is a perfect place to express these elements, while also creating a haven of relaxation and escape.

Aquatica brand WEB stores are the direct online source for Aquatica brand freestanding bathtubs, bathroom vanities, sinks, lavatories, and other bath furniture accessories. These pieces are all sophisticated and attractive while offering only the best levels of quality, durability, and design. 

We are pleased to offer flat rate shipping to destinations around the world. Please inquire by telephone or email to learn the full list of domestic and international shipping destinations, costs and options.  

We invite you to explore our site to experience the full array of these breathtaking pieces. When you have found the bath vanity that inspires your design, please call us to obtain a quote or place an order. We are also happy to address any questions you have at this phone number or at

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